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Stallholder Conditions of Entry

Attention Stallholders:

1. The sale of items from our list of prohibited items: alcohol, tobacco and weapons are not permitted

2. The dumping of unsold goods is not permitted

3. Exiting the market is only permitted after 1.30pm if it is safe enough to do so, at the discretion of market staff. Otherwise, stallholders are required to stay in their position until a clear and safe passageway emerges.

4. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure their marquee and/or any other temporary structures are safety secured at the front and back.

5. All stallholders are required to stay within their 6x4 area.

6. You enter our site at your own risk.

7. We are not liable for you or any person with you for:

A. Injury to you or anyone else

B. Damage to or theft of your vehicle

C. Damage to or theft of any of your personal belongings

8. Signage and reasonable requests from market staff are to be followed

9. The sale of goods without permission from market staff inside the marketplace and carpark boundaries is not permitted

10. Anti social behaviour and illegal activity is not permitted

11. Market management reserves the right to refuse entry, evict and/or ban any persons at all times irrespective of that person being in possession of a valid receipt of purchase from us.

Prohibited Items

Standard casual stalls are not permitted to sell:

  • Cold Drinks and Hot Coffee

  • Hot food and food cooked/prepared on site

  • Potentially hazardous food (ie requires temperature control)

  • Unpackaged food (ie not sold and served in the supplier’s original package)

  • If you wish to sell food and drink which is cooked/prepared on site, please contact us first.

  • Pirated software, films and music

  • Replica clothing and accessories

  • Live animals (including but not limited to puppies, kittens and other pets)

  • Proscribed second hand items more than six times a year.

  • Proscribed second hand items are those that are at high risk of theft. Please visit the NSW Department of Fair Trading website for more information.

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